Website Hosting

Berkshire Direct offers website hosting through our partner We elected to work with EZManagedHosting for website hosting in early 2014 due to issues with the current host and desperately needing a better environment for our customers’ sites. The owner of EZManagedHosting Alex Benko has become a trusted partner, and he is only 15 minutes away. This makes collaboration a breeze. We host all our sites with EZManagedHosting and we try to steer our clients there whenever possible.

Website Hosting Packages

EZManagedHosting offers great website hosting packages ranging from the most basic of needs to the most sophisticated. Their specialty is managed WordPress hosting which many organizations find beneficial. CDN and SSL are included!

A few words about what Managed Hosting is. WordPress is a very versatile and robust platform for site of any caliber. EZManagedHosting spent many months of development, research and experimentation to find their own “magic” recipe for managed WordPress hosting. These include super fast performance, ability to scale site to any size,  up-time and WordPress security and WordPress updates. The result is a completely hassle-free experience for the visitors, the site owner and the partner. Another major advantage of fully-managed web hosting is the premium level support. Some compare it with staying in a “Five-star hotel or flying first class”. All this has been achieved through experience and hard work.

Website Hosting: Getting Started

If you have an existing website, please visit directly for more information and to get started with their website hosting. If you want Berkshire Direct to include ongoing hosting in a website proposal for you, please let us know early in the proposal process.