Web Design Philosophy

We recently were asked about our web design philosophy. Our philosophy has three simple tenets.

Web Design Philosophy #1

Must Be Fully Responsive

Responsive websites adapt to all devices and browsers. Mobile is growing like crazy. Do you know what your mobile statistics are?

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Web Design Philosophy #2

Design For Conversions

Why invest the effort to get traffic give them a good experience if you’re not going to get something back in return?

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Web Design Philosophy #3

Add Content for SEO

Is that brilliantly written blog post properly SEO’d? Invest two more minutes in each blog post and REALLY crank up the organic traffic.

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Website Projects Philosophy

We also have a website projects philosophy that we would be happy to share with you.

Want to see how our philosophies can make your website project a success? Call Luke Schulze today at 413-458-1721 for more information.