Website Design Services

Website design services provided by Berkshire Direct are the first step in the process of building a new website or upgrading an existing one.

The Elements of Website Design Services

There are many elements to website design services. All play a role in creating a great website design.

  • What does the website look like? (a.k.a “UI”)
  • What is the user’s experience while using the websites? (a.k.a. “UX”)
  • What is the website’s purpose?
  • Who is the website’s audience?
  • What functionality does the audience need/expect?

If your organization already has a style guide or mood board, sharing that with us would be a great place to start the web design process. If not, we have a couple of links you should check out:

  1. Flat Design vs Material Design – flat design replaced skeuomorphic design as the hot trend a couple of years ago. Material design is now taking over from flat design in the most trendy agencies. We still like flat design and would likely steer you that way if we could, but we’re open to designing you a site that you love to look at and want to share with your customers, vendors, investors, etc.
  2. Website Design Questions – these are the types of questions we’re going to want to review with you at the very beginning of any website design project that we embark on together.

Mobile Ready Website Design

One final area we will want to discuss is the priority of mobile versus desktop/laptop in your website design. If we can check out your Google Analytics prior to starting the website design, we will be able to tell if your site needs to be designed from a mobile-first perspective or not.

Website Design Process

  1. We will conduct an initial design or discovery session where we will capture all of your input on UI/UX and functionality.
  2. Our designer will create an initial website design of a home page and an interior page. We will share those with you as pictures (either jpegs or PDFs).
  3. After several rounds of feedback we will arrive at a final website design which then goes into the development phase.