Tools We Love: Font-Awesome

For designers and developers, it doesn’t get much better than Font-Awesome. Billed as “the iconic font and CSS toolkit”, this collection of easily usable icons make adding icons to today’s popular flat designs simple.

Why do we love Font-Awesome?

Here are the primary Font-Awesome features and benefits as we see them:

  1. One font, 585 icons
  2. Free
  3. No Javascript required
  4. CSS control
  5. Infinite scalability (they’re vectors!)
  6. Perfect on retina displays

Adding image-based icons inline with text elements used to be a pain in the keester. Now, it’s a copy and paste job. Simplicity rules!

Need to add some icons to your WordPress website? Call Allen Jezouit or Luke Schulze today at 413-458-1721.

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