WordPress Woocommerce Acquisition

WordPress Woocommerce Acquisition should be great news for e-commerce industry. Matt Mullenweg high on WordPress Woocommerce acquisition “In an email discussing the acquisition and how it might impact current WooCommerce users, Automattic’s CEO, Matt Mullenweg, said the purchase ‘means that WooCommerce will have the full support and resources of Automattic behind it, including our engineers, […]


Website Projects – Fast, Cheap, Good. Pick Two.

Fast, Cheap, Good – Pick Two. This old adage relates to most project based businesses and website projects are no different. A great website won’t be built with all three of those attributes. A successful website’s project span can be broken down to the following stages: Discovery and planning Design Development Launch and training That […]


Website Design Elements That Drive Website Costs

There are many factors which drive website costs. Some are obvious while some are more nuanced. In this post we will discuss design-driven impacts on website costs. Berkshire Direct is a WordPress website agency, so we will come at this discussion from the standpoint of WordPress website costs specifically. Website Costs and WordPress Plugins Installing […]


Mobile Ready Websites will soon be even more important!

Mobile ready websites have been gaining importance in recent years as traffic from mobile devices has moved past the 50% mark. Google’s announcement on February 26, 2015 creates an even more profound reason to go mobile. Google is basically threatening your SERP rankings if you don’t make the move. The magic date for moving your […]


Twenty Five Reasons to Choose WordPress

John Rampton wrote this great blog post on We love it because it goes way past the typical “top ten reasons” list of why to choose WordPress for your website project. If you are on the fence about whether or not to choose WordPress for your website project, be sure to check this out. […]


What’s Coming in WordPress 4.1 (Features and Screenshots)

Nearly two months ago WordPress 4.0 was released. It came with tons of new improvements like an enhanced post editor, improved internationalization support, embed previews, etc. WordPress 4.1 is expected to be released in the second week of December, 2014. It is coming with lots of changes and a new default theme. In this article, we will show you what’s coming in WordPress 4.1 with features and screenshots.

You can test the beta version on your computer or in a staging environment by using the WordPress Beta Tester plugin.


Jetpack Omni Search Versus Google Custom Search

Jetpack is a great plugin which I use and recommend. Another version is Slim Jetpack which enables most features except for the ones which need to connect to the servers.

Jetpack have just released a new feature named Omni Search. It basically searches everything on your WordPress installation including posts, pages, comments and plugins.


Google Mobile Friendly Labels Officially Released

Yesterday Google officially announced the latest addition to its search engine results pages: mobile friendly labels.

With the number of mobile users constantly on the rise, it is little surprise the latest changes were implemented with mobile users in mind.


Why Choose WordPress to Power (Part of) your SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a hot topic of conversation. And increasingly WordPress has become involved in this discussion.

Here, we will look at specific reasons why you may want to consider using WordPress to power your SaaS — or perhaps power part of your SaaS. But before we dig in, what on earth does SaaS mean?