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Introducing: The WordPress Millionaire, From White Collar to Popped Collar

“My parents thought I was crazy when I walked away from a comfy six-figure pharmacist job,” admits Brad Campbell, founder of The WordPressMillionaire — a tell-all blog about his journey from frustrated pharmacist to renegade blogger.

“But now they get it,” he laughs.

Campbell first began blogging about health and fitness six years ago, after coming home from grueling 10 and 12-hour shifts behind the counter “pushing pills” at Walgreens.

“After a couple months of publishing my workouts and diet plans, I started getting visitors from all over the globe showing up, reading my stuff, and leaving comments below each article.  That’s when I was like, ‘Holy crap!  If I can get my content in front of millions of people without ever leaving the house?  This could be huge!'” he remembers.

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