Web Development Projects: Keeping Them On Schedule

Keeping web development projects on schedule is a challenge. Why? Let’s start with the reasons why website development projects get off schedule in the first place.

Why do web development projects get off schedule?

  1. Scope Creep – After the project starts, the client adds to the scope of the project, making it impossible to finish in the allotted time.
  2. Black Holes – Requests for feedback from the client at various stages in the process seem to disappear into a black hole, resulting in delays.
  3. Poor Estimating – The web developer did a bad job of estimating how much time it would take to complete the project.

Keeping Web Development Projects On Schedule

Avoiding poor time estimates comes with experience. One way is to look back and each project and specifically review actual time spent on particular segments with the original estimate.

Scope creep impacting schedule can only be avoided by a) calling out scope creep when it happens and b) calling for schedule OR resource level adjustments as a result.

Black holes are a tough one. If the client goes radio silent after – for example – you’ve sent them the design to review and approve, how do you break that wall without seeming impatient or rude? After all, “business happens” – other things assume priority, especially in smaller organization. Consistent and persistent communication is the best approach.


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