WordPress Websites

WordPress websites are the best choice for most individuals, small businesses and non-profits. First and foremost, WordPress saves you money. WordPress itself is a free to download and use so there is no purchase cost nor any annual license fees. Upgrades are free, too. WordPress is the easiest CMS to learn to it delivers true “self serve” to even novice users. Self service means no monthly payments to a “web guy” to do simple things like add content to a website.

Super SEO Friendly!

Google and other search engines love WordPress Websites! The URL structure is very search engine friendly and there are some super-easy-to-use plugins that help make it even more so. The ability to create custom page titles, meta descriptions and image meta tags allows users to simply achieve on-page optimized content.

WordPress Websites are Ubiquitous!

Everybody uses WordPress websites today. The WordPress platform is the basis for over 72 million sites worldwide. Over 100,000 new WordPress websites are added daily. That means that there are lots and lots of website developers out there building WordPress sites so if you ever start to hate your “web guy” there’s a great chance you can find multiple alternatives to pick from. And, unlike fully custom PHP sites, the structure of WordPress websites allows one developer to pick up where the previous one left off. You are not going to have to pay for a site rebuild if you change developers.

Abra Cadabra – Your website is Mobile Ready!

Need a mobile ready website for your business? Does your Google Analytics data show that you are getting lots of traffic from iPads and you know your site looks lousy on an iPad? Good news! You no longer have to build a second or third site specifically targeted at those other devices. WordPress websites built on fully responsive themes will automatically identify the device being used and adjust the content layout accordingly.

Fresh Content, Anytime and Anyplace

As users get the hang of their WordPress websites, they start to make more frequent changes to their sites. No longer are they waiting for their “web guy” to get to it. They can do it themselves. WordPress websites are accessible from any computer in the world with internet access and a browser. Additional software is not required. If you can surf the web, you can edit your site. Fresh content gives your users the best experience possible and because of that, Google LOVES fresh content. The fastest way to move your website up the search engine results is to constantly add high quality fresh content.

Publication Scheduling

Do you only have one hour per week that you need to fit all of your site updates, blogging and social media work into? That is no problem at all! WordPress websites allow you to create posts today and schedule their publication for anytime in the future. Do you want your blog posts on your Facebook page? No problem! WordPress websites provide publish once, publish everywhere ability. You can integrate WordPress websites with social media pages and automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, etc. every time a new post goes live, even if you’re not sitting in front of a computer at that moment.


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